Fusion takes place every Autumn at Oxstalls Tennis Centre in Gloucester.

Fusion is a one-day pairs competition with three categories - mixed, male, female - plus a Masters section for each.

Details on Fusion 2017 will be published soon!

Fusion - event format

Registration opens at 8.30am on Saturday morning. All teams must be on site and registered no later than 9.15am on Saturday morning, with the first WOD beginning at 10.00am.

All teams take part in four WODs before the winners are crowned around 6.00pm on Saturday afternoon.

Oxstalls Tennis Centre, Gloucester

Oxstalls Tennis Centre offers Gloucester’s largest open-space indoor venue and we make full use of the space afforded to create a variety of challenging WODs.

Oxstalls also contains a restaurant & café that are open all weekend.

Directions & Venue info: Oxstalls Tennis Centre

"Probably the best run & thought out event I’ve been to, really inclusive and a bit of fun also. Judging standards have been really consistent and an excellent venue. Fantastic job guys!"

Marc Fox, Wild West 2014 athlete

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